at The Cubiculo in Carlisle, PA

co-created devised piece by

Kent Barrett, Mary Olin Geiger, and the following contributors:

Sarah Blocher

Noah Fusco

Nina Spoelker

Matt Steiman

Thomas A. Downs

Anthony Brau

David Crowtherd

Karen Kirkham

Ted Kirkham

Walter Kirkham

Felonica Kirkham

Christabelle Kirkham

Kenya Bullock

Jason Nedrow

Sam Nedrow

Addie Nedrow

Kristen Kim

Sherry Harper-McCombs

Kevin Harper-McCombs

Demma Harper-McCombs

Juli Bounds

Sarah Skaggs

Mike Beevers

Chase Perabo

Solomon Zisser

Jonah Reynolds

Conor Leary

Sara Markowitz

Dennis Ealy

Kelsey Horowitz

Jeff Adams

Daniel Jackson

Erin Crawley-Woods

Monica Lopez Soler

Clarissa Messer

In this co-devised performance, Kent Barrett and I created a space that was originally inspired by the feeling of Milton’s Paradise Lost and musician Grant Hart’s musical retelling of the epic in an album called The Argument. After transforming the Cubiculo Black Box Theater, we invited members of our Carlisle, PA community to perform in what felt like a familiar but unsettling kaleidoscope apartment+church in sensory overload. Experience with performance as well as age and professional background varied among the group, and we asked them to explore a sequence of tasks related to their individual experiences. The structure of the performance was based on an Anglican church service, and we tried to evoke rituals through repetitive, improvisational live music, readings, and procession.