A note on sanitizing: STEAM is a good option for this. Place mask in a clean steaming basket in a pot on your stovetop, and steam for 10 min. This can replace washing in hot water to extend periods of use.
For you, friends, and others! wear for the safety of your community! Designed to be washed and worn to the max. This is a starting point - please feel empowered to make adjustments as needed.
-2 or more types of tightly woven cotton. These MUST contrast for safety (scraps or other discarded woven materials are great for this. Make sure to clean any found materials prior to sewing, since this will be close to your face).
-optional internal liner (i.e. sew-in interfacing or muslin)
-a paper clip or other wire (i.e. twist tie)
-sewing machine and a pair of pliers



print at 100% if you want to trace it! this pattern includes 3/8" seam allowance.

mask left.jpg