A Midsummer Night's Dream 

Pendragon Theater
(Saranac Lake, NY)
Director: Karen Lordi-Kirkham
Set: Mary Olin Geiger
Lighting: Kent Barrett
Costumes: Kent Stread
Performed on a stage built in the woods of a local park and recreation center. The stage was constructed from locally milled timber, and all of the scenic materials were found at the site or in the theater's storage.



Teatro de Ciudad (Mexico City, MX)

co-created original piece by

Antonio Cerezo, Charlotte Brathwaite, and

Sunder Ganglani

Wearable sculpture created by Mary Olin Geiger and Kent Barrett in collaboration with Antonio, Charlotte, and Sunder. Made from webbing, elastic, and LED lighting instruments that could be controlled by Antonio, the performer, during his performance in a darkened space. The sculpture is pictured here in a rehearsal.



Open Stage (Harrisburg, PA)
Director: Stuart Landon
Set: Mary Olin Geiger
Lighting: Tristan Stasiulis
Costumes: Jen Kilander
Scenery built almost entirely from 2x4 scrap in stock at the theater. Curtains were made from bedsheets purchased at thrift stores, and windows came from architectural salvage.

Spitfire Grill 

Arthur Storch Theater (Syracuse, NY)
Director: Ralph Zito
Set: Mary Olin Geiger

Lighting: Emily Stork

Costumes: Katie Tulin

Sound: Kevin O'Connor

Built from donated, scavenged, and garbage materials found in an around Syracuse, York. Some of the materials inspired by the play were: broken dishes from a famed dumpsite near the now defunct Syracuse China Factory, industrial discard and leftovers from various flooring, upholstery, and archictectural salvage companies in the area, shipping supplies, and broken asphalt. Materials were tracked during production and during proper disposal or reuse. I created this design as a guest alumnus of the Syracuse University Drama Department.


Kinds of Light 

The Tank (New York, NY)
Creator/Director: Summer Shapiro
Set: Mary Olin Geiger

Lighting: Simon Harding

Sound: Sean Brennan

Costumes: Summer Shapiro

Scenery created from found, industrial, and utilitarian materials for an original physical theater piece created and performed by theater artist Summer Shapiro


Butoh Electra 

Irondale Center (Brooklyn, NY)
Adaptor: Jordan Rosin
Production Design: Mary Olin Geiger
Lighting: Evan Gannon
Scenery built entirely from painters' plastic and practical lighting instruments. The painter's plastic was distributed and reused following the production, and the costumes are still in use by The Ume Group. Each costume was made from lightweight muslin and tied with functional textiles woven from cassette tape by artist
Timothy L. Westbrook.


Spiegelgarden Bar 

Rochester Fringe Festival (Rochester, NY)
Design by Mary Olin Geiger
One of the main event tents created for Rochester Fringe Festival's central gathering place. Most of the lighting instruments were found at architectural salvage warehouses between Pennsylvania and New York State.


Ring of Fire

Rocky Mountain Repertory Theater
(Grand Lake, CO)
Director: Michael Querio
Projection Surface Design/Build by Mary Olin Geiger
Set, Lighting, and Projection Design by Kent Barrett
Textured Projection surface created using 2000 individual sheets of recycled copy paper, white glue, spray paint, and dirt.