Borrowed Tool Project Archive

at the Carlisle Tool Library in Carlisle, PA


A Tool Library is like a library for books, except its shelves are stocked with tools. At the Carlisle Tool Library, our annual memberships are designed to be accessible—there is a sliding scale for individuals from any income level. Members can borrow tools, take workshops, and use the wood shop.


This archive collection, started in 2020, contains documentation of work done by members, in addition to workshops led by artist and craftspeople. The materials are sourced individually and communally, exploring the potential of an egalitarian archival process within a nonprofit community organization. Looking at the word “tool” in a more abstract way is one of the goals of the archive. We want to challenge ourselves and our members to re-build parts of our world bit by bit, and we hope to make this process more visible and creative by collecting documentation along the way.

projects submitted by Breonna Mixell and her family
Cutting Boards Emily and Mom.jpg
Emily and her mom with cutting boards they built at a workshop
table re-covered by
Bill and Mary Shirley
projects submitted by
Jeff Adams