Mary Olin (Mo) is an interdisciplinary artist whose work began in theatrical design, props, and scenic painting. Inspired by tactile learning and physical intuition, she explores the collaboration that can occur between people, material, and physical space. She worships at the temple of garbage, old stuff, and practices left behind, using materials and exploring methods that oppose growth-driven economies. Small-scale barter relationships that are forged while hunting and gathering become an inherent part of her work. Intertwined with this sourcing process are various craft and labor practices, which foster conversations about work vs. labor, consumption, use, repair, disrepair, and skill-sharing within a contemporary context. Together, our bodies can imagine, manifest, and build alternate realities.

She is currently pursuing an MFA in Art and Social Practice at Portland State University and serves on the board of the Carlisle Tool Library in Carlisle, PA. Her current projects incorporate work with the Tool Library's members in addition to collaborations with trade laborers, builders, shapers, and those interested in creating sustainable and imaginative systems. She continues to freelance in theatrical design, fabrication, and architectural restoration along with developing artworks that explore the intersection between performance, collaboration, material, and the human body's role in production.